We can supply a variety of crank handles from stock to match most peoples needs.
From various fixed lengths to telescopic aluminium cranks in two different starting lengths to get over even the most difficult situation.

Telescopic Aluminium Crank Handle

For the customer who wants the best we supply crank handles made from brass which are either polished and lacquered for a luxury brass appearance or they are finished in highly polished chrome.

For a more modest price we stock aluminium crank handle that have an injection moulded handle and a tubular shaft that is either anodised in a gold finish to simulate a brass look or they are anodised in silver finish to look like chrome.

All these cranks are stocked in various lengths, the brass is stocked in 1.5 and 2 metres with the chrome in 1.5 metres. The aluminium range is 1meter, 1.5 metres and 2 metres.

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