To operate the roofvent motors we offer a variety of simple rocker switches which are engraved for ease of understanding. Each one is capable of operating several motors but multiple switch options are available so that roofvents can be “zoned”.
These rocker switches are available in a wide range of popular face finishes and will fit standard electrical flush or surface back boxes.
Click here for the Rocker Switch Wiring Diagram >>
PDF format.Rocker Switch Wiring Diagram – PDF Download.

Our “CLIMATE CONTROL evolution III” is the end product of a long development programme.

“CLIMATE CONTROL evolution III” is a sophisticated controller with a digital display which can be operated as a manual “open/close” switch or it can be switched to automatic to provide a state of the art temperature sensitive controller that opens the roofvents when the desired room temperature is achieved or exceeded. Should it rain whilst in automatic mode the rain sensor will override the temperature sensor and shut the roofvents until the rain has passed, when the sensor has dried, the controller will once more resume its temperature evaluation and automatic functions.

So that you get the perfect controller for your needs “CLIMATE CONTROL evolution III” can be supplied with a surface back box or a flush metal back box and either a white, chrome or brass face plate.
“CLIMATE CONTROL evolution III” also fits a standard 2 gang electrical back box.

“CLIMATE CONTROL evolution III” comes complete with instructions, a temperature sensor to install inside the conservatory and a rain sensor for outside. The rain sensor is a face off type so any future replacement will not require an expensive electrician, just unplug the old one and plug in the new, no tools required.

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